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My name is Clarissa, I’m a Junior at a university. I collect plush pandas I have over 100! This is a blog about my panda collection, I hope to write about very one of them and get an accurate count.

I come from a family of 9, three sisters and three brothers, and I am third to youngest. Maybe because I had so many people in my family, I can sometimes live in my own little world. Sometimes I remind myself of Luna Lovegood. Which brings me to my next thing about me, I’m a nerd. I love Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Super Heroes, reading, and all things like that. I also love music especially classic and alternative rock, (some of my favorite bands are The White Stripes, Queen, U2 and Evanescence) and I also love Broadway music, which brings me to the biggest thing about me I’m a theatre major. I love everything to do with theatre. I really like script writing, directing and stage management. I also like to act, design, make costumes, paint and construct set, work with sound, and basically anything else. Theatre is such a part of who I am. Also related to theatre I like film, and movies. I’m minoring in digital media, and am a bit of a movie junky. (Thank you Netflix!)

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  1. January 25, 2009 1:52 pm

    You need to post more.

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